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Music CD's

01. Moi Hong Dao

02. Em Di Bo Mac Con Duong

03. Nhu Mot Vet Thuong

04. Em Con Nho Hay Em Da Quen

05. Hoa Vang May Do

06. Co Nghe Doi Nghieng

07. Dem Hong

08. Toi Lai Ai

09. Moi Ngay Toi Chon Mot Niem Vui

10. Cung Se Chim Troi

Nhu Mot Vet Thuong

U.S and International Pricing (U.S. Dollars)

All items will be personally signed by Khanh Ly.


All CD's are $20 

All DVD's are $25 

All LP's are $50 

Please add Shipping and Handling 

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